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    Sonia Abluton

    During the dissemination phase of IMPLEMENT project (or other projects on gender violence prevention and raising awareness) which kind of tools or methods proved more effective?



    We┬┤ve found, that already existing networks on health and violence (on different levens) are the most effective way to talk about IMPLEMENT and its implications.



    We agree that connecting with existing networks on health and violence prevention is a pretty effective dissemination tool.
    Among others dissemination activities, we send the electronic version of the manual to all the NGO and Social Services Agencies in Romania. We received a good feedback from several of the NGO that received the manual and they asked if they can use it in their work and if they can disseminate it on their website and networks.
    Also, we published an article in a Romanian popular journal that has doctors as main readers.



    while we found great cooperation between different hospital departments and easy dissemination inside the hospital, we have a very poor connection between differenthealt and violence organizations… since now more effective method is to contact every single organization and explain the project.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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